COVID-19 Information Page

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Jaguar Gymnastics Re-Opening Plan!
Jaguar Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, athletes, and visitors. Jaguar Gymnastics has created this COVID-19 Phased Preparedness Plan to establish and explain necessary policies, practices, and conditions to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for COVID-19, and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards related to employee exposure to COVID-19.


Phase I - Starting June 15th

Jaguar Gymnastics Staff returns to the gym to conduct essential work in preparation for re-opening.

• Reduce transmission among employees, maintain healthy business operations and work environment, and continue planning for Phase II.

• Identify where and how employees and clients might be exposed to COVID-19 and mitigate those exposures.

• Train staff on procedures.

Initial steps for customer-facing operations with CDC Standards in place – (Date TBD)

• Team practices to begin; not to exceed 10 participants per pod as required by the state and school district.


Phase II - Starting September 21st

• Continue with the goals of Phase I.

• Implement and refine programming protocols to reduce COVID-19 transmission among employees and athletes.

• Maintain healthy business operations and maintain a healthy work/training environment.

• Safely adjusting the dial by strategically and gradually increasing in-person training volume and length of time for team athletes.

• Addition of some recreational class programming, not to exceed allowed amount due to pods or capacity restrictions.

• Complete plan for Phase III.


Phase III

• Continue with all goals of Phases I and II.

• Strategically and gradually increase additional recreational class offerings.

• The number of students and spectators will gradually increase up to the allowable and/or recommended capacity.

• Continue developing programming protocols to reduce transmission among employees and athletes.

• Maintain healthy business operations and maintain a healthy work and training environment.


Safety Protocols



Our top priority is the safety of our families and employees. We have put in place the following to make our environment as safe as possible.

Face covering required for staff, protecting from a respiratory infection.

Increased employee and customer hygiene with frequent use of hand washing and/or hand sanitizer. 

Keeping a safe distance and limited numbers in the facility. Six-foot markers are labeled in various places.

Established a set of protocols to ensure that any of our employees who are potentially infected stay at home.

Enhanced cleaning procedures following CDC and public health guidance.