We are so thankful to have heard from many of you recently about your desire to return to gymnastics class!


We know many families are choosing an educational model for this school year that does not involve attending school in person. As a result, we anticipate that a number of families are not yet ready to return to gymnastics either. Some of our coaches are of the same mindset right now, and we respect everyone's decision to make choices that are the most suitable for your families during this unprecedented time.


Things will look a little different this school year in our gym. Although this list is not inclusive, we will mention a few items here to help you determine if returning to class this fall is the right choice for your family:


- Coaches will be wearing masks. Gymnasts must wear masks into and out of the building per the state mask mandate, but can remove them for their class.
- Classes will be smaller so we can space kids out a little easier. There will also be less classes offered this fall to reduce the number of people in the gym at a time.
- Makeup classes will not be offered as the pod restrictions prohibit mixing kids between groups at this time.
- Similar to school and other sports at the high school, we ask all of our staff and gymnasts to pre-screen for COVID symptoms at home prior to coming to class. Jaguar Gymnastics will not be taking temperatures or administering questionnaires as families arrive at our gym.
- To adhere to the number of individuals allowed in our gym at one time, spectators will not be allowed in the gym so we can allow more gymnasts to attend class. For those who have attended our program before, you are aware of how small our viewing area is to begin with. It does not allow families to social distance very well which is another reason we will not be having spectators at this time. It is for everyone's safety. (The only exception to this would be preschool classes in which children may need help using the restroom. In this case we will allow 1 spectator per gymnast. These classes will also be smaller to accommodate this.)
- Hand sanitizer will be used frequently by gymnasts and coaches, and equipment is disinfected regularly.
- While we will do our best to keep sharing of equipment to a minimum, the nature of this sport and the size of our facility does not allow for each child to have their own personal equipment at every event (bars, beam, etc). When individual equipment is not possible, gymnasts will be spaced out and rotated as strategically as possible.


We realize some of the current changes may not be favorable, but we are doing our best to work within our limitations and get as many of your children back to the gym that are ready to return. As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. If we don't see you back this fall, we look forward to seeing you in one of our future sessions!