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Monday Classes:

Beginner II - 5:00-5:55pm w/Liz


Tuesday Classes:

Beginner II - 5:30-6:25pm w/Bill

Advanced Beginner - 6:30-7:55pm w/Bill

Advanced - 5:15-6:40pm w/Kristin


Wednesday Classes:

Beginner I - 6:10-7:05pm w/Daniele

Beginner I - 6:30-7:25 w/Ava

Beginner II - 5:30-6:25pm w/Katrina

Advanced - 6:30-7:55pm w/Katrina


Thursday Classes:

4-Year-Olds - 5:10-6:00pm w/Ava

Beginner I - 6:10-7:05pm w/Ava

Tramp & Tumble II/III - 5:20-6:15pm w/Kristin & Liz

Pre-Team - 6:30-7:55pm w/Bill