Although subject to change, these are the anticipated head coaches for each class:

2/3yo – Tues: Liv

4yo – Mon: Ashley, Tues: Liv

Beg 1 – Mon: Ashley, Tues 4:00: Liv, Tues 5:30 Aubrey, Thurs: Sophie

Beg 2 – Mon 4:30: Chloee, 6:30: Ashley, Tues: Nola, Wed: Katrina, Thurs: 5:30 Nola, 6:30 Nola

Adv Beg – Mon: Chloee, Tues: Nola, Wed: Chloee

Advanced – Mon: Bill, Wed: Katrina, Thurs: Bill

Tween Adv – Tues: Liv

Pre-Team – Mon: Bill, Thurs: Bill