Download the winter schedule here or scroll to the bottom of this page.


A few winter class notes (same situation as last year):

- Due to the high school team having their competition season during the winter and needing more space in the gym for spectators at meets, our trampolines will not be in use during the winter session.  Therefore, we will not be offering Tramp and Tumble classes during the winter.

- With the majority of high school meets being held on Tuesday evenings, we are not able to hold Tuesday classes during the winter session.  Classes will be limited to Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. 


Currently assigned coaches (assistants will be added based on registration numbers; coaches may change if classes are cancelled/shifted around):

2&3yo: Monday - Liv/Ashley

4yo: Monday - Chloee, Wednesday - Liv

Beginner 1: Monday - Liv/Ashley, Wednesday - Liv, Thursday - Aubrey/Sophie

Beginner 2: Monday - Chloee, Wednesday 5:30pm - Katrina, 7pm - Liv, Thursday - Chloee/Kissie

Advanced Beginner: Wednesday - Bill, Thursday 5pm - Bill, Thursday 6:30pm - Chloee/Kissie

Advanced: Wednesday - Katrina

Tween: Monday - Liv

Pre-Team: Wednesday - Bill, Thursday - Bill