MAGA Competition Team

Jaguar Gymnastics is part of the Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association (MAGA).  Jaguar Gymnastics offers an opportunity to advance from recreational gymnastics into a competitive team program.  Our MAGA team allows for gymnasts to compete with a smaller weekly time and financial commitment than many club gymnastics programs.  Gymnasts practice a maximum of 6 hours a week and compete in 5-6 local meets during the competition season.

The MAGA team is a feeder program into Bloomington's high school gymnastics team.  Many girls who compete on the MAGA team together end up competing in high school together as well.  The competition season for the MAGA team is November through March, with mandatory off-season training year round.  Admission to the MAGA Team is by invitation only. 

More information about MAGA can be found here: